Ad Parnassum, Inc.
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Ad Parnassum, Inc. is a Massachusetts non-profit organization founded to provide opportunities for the public to engage with “early music” and other classical idioms in ways that go beyond the traditional concert-going experience. We do not seek to abolish the traditional concert but rather to enliven and enhance that experience by facilitating lectures, classes, demonstrations, and community service initiatives. In doing so we hope to make classical music less rarified, and more a part of the fabric of our communal life.

It would be a shame if classical music’s worth were assessed only in terms of tradition and patrimony. Our mission is to lay bare old music’s intrinsic worth: it sounds good and is interesting too.

We are a very new organization, founded in October 2012. Please check back frequently as we develop our public face through the website. In the meantime, check out our affiliated organizations.