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Yield Troubled Shadows: Bach and Modern Society

January 29, 2017   

March 17, 2017
Barnes Hall, Cornell University

The Cornell Early Music Lab and the Cornell Chamber Singers present performances of J. S. Bach’s cantatas Tue Rechnung (BWV 168) and Weichet nur, betrübte Schatten (BWV 202) and the motet Gott hilft unsrer Schwachheit auf (BWV 226). Lectures from Prof. David Yearsley (Music) and Prof. Robert Hockett (Law) will connect the themes of the cantatas to current issues in American and global society, including gender equality, marriage equality, and economic justice. The aim of the project is to engage with Bach’s masterpieces in a such as way as to spark a public discussion of issues of current relevance, and also to find a context for the performance of Bach’s church music apart from liturgical use and concert-hall performance. These works were designed to be catalysts for ethical reflection, discussion, and action; the project embraces that original ethical function in a modern, secular context.

Co-sponsored by:
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